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Watch as Tesco worker lets autistic Caleb have a go on the tills

Discussion in 'Autism Spectrum News, Events and Research' started by AGXStarseed, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. AGXStarseed

    AGXStarseed Well-Known Member

    (Not written by me. Edited to remove the word 'suffers')

    A Devon supermarket worker made a little boy's day when she let him run the check out at Tesco.

    Caleb Passmore

    Carole Ferguson's kindness towards three-year-old Caleb Passmore, who is autistic, has been celebrated on Facebook by people who were bowled over by her gesture.

    But the 53-year-old, who has worked at Tesco Lee Mill for 15 years, insisted she 'was just doing her job'.

    Caleb also has sensory processing disorder - making shopping with him almost impossible for his parents.

    But this week the family ventured to Tesco at Lee Mill for a big shop.

    They were greeted by Carole at the till, who immediately took to little Caleb.

    "He was getting quite aggravated I noticed, so when his dad had to go out and get the shopping bags they forgot from the car, I said he could sit by me and help me scan.

    "I was asking him about each item and who it was for and he was replying with 'that's for mummy' and 'that's for daddy' - I had no idea he was autistic.

    "I put my arm around him so he wouldn't fall and his mum said that he'd never taken to a stranger like that before and told me he was enjoying it so much he didn't want to go home."

    Tesco worker Carole Ferguson invited Caleb Passmore to help her on the till

    She continued: "Usually he hates strangers but he took a real liking to her and got up with her and helped her scan all of our £270 shop and loved every minute - he didn't want to leave.

    "He was so happy and he slept all night for the first time in months.

    "So thank you to Tesco and to Carol for giving us our most enjoyable and memorable shopping experience."

    Mrs Passmore said the experience was a refreshing change for her and husband Jack, compared to other recent outings with Caleb.

    "It is a lovely welcome change to have someone who is understanding rather than judgmental of a child who can appear to just being naughty.

    "And it honestly made his and our day."

    Among the many messages congratulating Carole on going above and beyond the call of duty, Becky Rushton commented on the Facebook post saying: " All the staff in this store are amazing.

    "They have always gone above and beyond helping me get my shopping done with my twins, even had staff offer to help me to the car during an epic twin tantrum.

    She added: "Best customer service I've ever received."

    Caleb (right) and his three siblings

    Stacey from customer care at Tesco replied to the post on Facebook and aired the company's pride for store worker Carole.

    "This is absolutely wonderful to see and I'm so happy with my colleague let your little one help with your shopping."

    A Tesco spokesperson told the Herald: "Our colleagues are always working hard to ensure that we provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience.

    They added: "We are really glad that the Passmore family had such an enjoyable and memorable shopping experience at our Lee Mill Extra store thanks to Carol and her colleagues."

    Source: Watch as Tesco worker lets autistic Caleb have a go on the tills
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  2. OkRad

    OkRad Well-Known Member

    SO CUTE!!!!! I am glad he had such a good time :)
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  3. toothless

    toothless autism & ID activist V.I.P Member

    i am glad she made the families day better,i hope she doesnt get in trouble for it.

    i have a sort of similar experience with staff from asda trafford park;opposite the trafford centre.
    the staff are amazing,theyve done all sorts for me,including picking me off the floor after a head banging meltdown from a child setting off a fire alarm and putting me in a wheel chair and taking me out the private staff exit to avoid all the people,they always stop me and talk to me even when theyre busy.
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  4. Rich Allen

    Rich Allen Well-Known Member

    Aw that's so lovely, I'm just reading it and almost want to cry!

    Problem is though, instead of rewarding the staff member for kindness, her Bosses might tell her off for what she did.
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  5. Kari Suttle

    Kari Suttle Well-Known Member

    I was thinking the same thing as some of the above people. She might get told off for it. For letting the child behind the counter, which could be seen as security risk. For making the line go what must have been terribly slow. Customers probably complained, too.
  6. Rich Allen

    Rich Allen Well-Known Member

    The problem is that most customers in Supermarkets want everything "last week", or as soon as possible, people would've complained because of waiting in line for Caleb to finish playing with the Tills.