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My first entry

Published by Kelly in the blog Kelly's blog. Views: 104

I've tried blogging before but I'm rubbish at it, I never know what to write so tend to make a few entries and then give up.

This will be a good place to let out all my frustrations, rants, silly little things I find funny that nobody else probably will etc and random stuff that's not worth posting about(or blogging about but I'll do it anyway..or try to)

So first up is a funny thing, my little girl who I shall refer to as mini in these blog entries because it's easier/faster to type then 'my daughter' or 'my little girl' every single time and I don't want to put her name. Yeah so anyway she makes me laugh so much but the thing that had me chuckling was the way she pronounced a certain word.

We were playing with her monster high dolls as usual she was directing what we did, picking a doll up and saying to me "right pretend draculaura said...." and then she'd pick another doll up and say "and pretend claude said..." every single time she would say "pretend" and then give me the instruction whether it was what the doll had to say or the way it had to sit or move or whatever.

So we were playing and she says "okay pretend Nefera is going to wait in the HOTAIL"...I just looked at her and said "the what?" and she said it again, instead of saying hotel(HO-TELL) she was saying HO-TAIL. So then I corrected her but she still said hotail, so for the next few minutes I get her to repeat the word hotel, sounding it out slowly for her, she finally gets it and then a few minutes later "So mummy now pretend that Cleo falls off the HO-TAIL". I just smiled and carried on, she obviously likes how that sounds, we had a similar incident a few days ago when she came out with such a bizarre saying it took me a while to guess what she was on about.

So it was the same situation again playing with the monster high dolls but she was more active in the talking etc. She had one doll and she said to the other doll "Well that's fine your just a tinney two shoes anyway". Cue another blank look from me and a "what?" after much back and forth and trying to figure it out I realised what it was she was saying, she meant "goody two shoes" when I explained to her that she was saying the wrong word she said it the right way pulled a face and said she didn't like it and that she'd say tinney two shoes instead as that sounded better".

Lets see what else happened today, I got a parcel from a supply company, some ink for the printer and some sleeves and discs. My husband is making a videodrome box set, he has some never released footage etc that he spent hours (well days really) putting together and editing together to make a one off extended movie. He's now making a box set with all the different versions, soundtracks etc. So earlier I was designing a cover for one of the discs and I had a massive rage fit because the printer was screwing up big time.

I got caught in the rain when I walked the dog as well, that was horrible, I hate getting wet, there were hailstones as well. The gardener had abandoned his lawnmower and was hiding out in his van when I got home, he finished once it stopped though. I really want to do something with the garden, get some paving slabs down or something, get rid of all the old bikes (husband's now long gone obsession was doing up old bikes in retro themes) get rid of mini's old garden toys, we have a huge clown slide that takes up far too much space and she never plays with because she's got a big climbing frame/slide.

Don't know what else to write about really, can't think of anything else so I'll leave it at that and go on ebay to check on some auctions.
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