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New Blog Entry Comments

  1. Adam Kep
    We used to make these for Christmas when I was a kid, they are very delicious, you can also add a little peanut butter if you wish and it's even more delicious.
  2. Adam Kep
    Thanks for this recipe! I'm going to try it out this weekend! I can't wait.
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  3. tree
    The edit has the value of being more succinct.
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  4. Alaska
    Most psychiatrists choose that line of work because they want to work on their own problems or those of someone close to them. They also do it for the money. Your shrink could be a rare exception, but you do not have to believe eveything he...
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  5. tree
    This is another rehash. You keep saying you're done, you're over it, but apparently not.
  6. Aoife96
    I am a Aspie with Borderline, which was caused by bullying which was caused by Aspie....
  7. LogicalMind
    You are just a normal girl...that went through tough times(like all of us), and you have had a different personality to Neurotypicals (eccentric/creative) You are most likely autistic, but extremely intellectual, superior to normal people in...
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  8. LogicalMind
    I have had symptoms of the following at various points in my life: - Borderline Personality Disorder - Dysthimic Disorder - Alexethemia - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder - Chronic Generalized Anxiety...
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  9. Kirsty
    Oh sweetie, you think the same as me. I relate to everything you've said. I'm not bitter, but gotten better by realising everyone is somewhat selfish and that we as aspies are perceived to be not good enough to society. I've learned that no...
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  10. Anonymous Ninja
    Never a bad thing to hope. Just understand the diagnosis may change little. I sought such a proper diagnosis myself to move on with my life; but when I had it, nothing changed. I think what I was looking for was the solution (way out) rather...
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  11. Maelstrom
  12. Maelstrom
    I think he just wanted to help you maximize your chances of getting the job...maybe you are over thinking it?... @Bolletje ...just go ahead and give it a try! :)
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  13. Ambi
    I'm the same way! I am hyper-sensitive towards any kind of constructive critique (or just plain critique), I think it is from all of the effort and struggle I have put forth so far, then still getting that critique that then reminds me of some...
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  14. Ambi
    I especially like that it uses cocoa powder rather than chocolate chips. I am bad about raiding the chocolate chips in the pantry!
  15. tree
    My mother used to make those. I developed the recipe into one that I could eat since, for me, butter, cocoa, and sugar are out. Instead I used peanut butter, carob powder, and honey or maple syrup. I ground sunflower seeds to put in them, too.
  16. Maelstrom
    very creative Tree!
  17. Maelstrom
    Nice!....hope for True Love is all there is to life!
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  18. luceyinthesky
    Thanks for the like, @rainfall :]
  19. Keigan
    As a man I notice, being a Micro-expression or expression; when a woman is biting her lip she likes what you are doing, really likes it.
  20. tree
    Pope Francis says atheists can do good and go to heaven too! - Living Faith - Home & Family - News - Catholic Online I like the story about the man who wakes up in Heaven after a lifetime of professing atheism. He asks how this can be since...
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