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New Blog Entry Comments

  1. Maelstrom
    Hmm...well I wanted to clear the table, this last bit was a new position. I am withdrawing slowly from the net, and from the Nuclear arena. I do not issue Propaganda...I am long suffering on winning hearts but everything is real at the end of the...
  2. tree
    You keep saying that you have said enough, but then you repeat yourself.
  3. tree
    Even though he expressed himself in an intentionally childish and self conscious way, he didn't mean any harm by what he said. He wasn't trying to be crude. And it wasn't during the service that he said this.
  4. Aspie_rin
    There are many biases a person cal fall into when thinking, wich can leads to errors, so I think it's important to think about how you think. Thinking about how you think can also reveal a lot about yourself, that you might not have realised before.
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  5. Aspie_rin
    The difference between autistic lack of empathy and psychopathic lack of empathy is that autistics have more difficulties perceiving other people's emotions and putting themselves in other's shoes, but once they understand and know about how a...
  6. Maelstrom
    No I think it is good to analyze ones thoughts and actions...some times we get caught in the ghosts of our past memories and forget to see how we have grown and changed...I would not know the past me if I met him...we are not the same people.
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  7. Maelstrom
    Yes not the most well thought out comment for a 30 year old in church :rolleyes:...asking for boot in the pants out the doorsy...:p
  8. Mike Stouffer
    Relationships are difficult. Each person we interact with is different. Someone off the radar often doesn't take the time in understanding others. What's hard is not to take their lack of getting it too personal. Looking for patterns that caused...
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  9. optimusprime
    I know how you feel. I have trouble stopping the same things as well like how my mom is worried that listening to the song called monster from skillet is making feel me feel like certain mistakes I do make me look like a monster
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  10. Maelstrom
    interesting....Mael thinks Tree should be writing nice science fiction stories for him to read?... :p This is a compliment on Trees creativity!:)
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  11. janie
    This question engages me viscerally. It is parallel to a question I earnest pray about for wisdom and clarity: How does my cognitive type make me more able to walk in His will in my life? My take away from your post is welcome blaze on my...
  12. Laurizzle
    Religion has no place in politics... js