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New Profile Posts

  1. thegamerchunk1
    26/03/17, never forget.
  2. Gary DuBois
  3. Gary DuBois
    Gary DuBois Effy
    your beautiful :)
  4. WereBear
    Tried not doing my Brainwaves app. Did not work. I apparently NEED it
  5. tree
  6. Hopeless_Aspie_Guy
    Hopeless_Aspie_Guy Riley
    Ooh you have good taste in TV shows ;-)
  7. ezcare
    Assuming my role as Global Village Observer.
  8. Mia
    Mia Knit Hat
    Happy birthday Knit Hat \ (•◡•) /
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  9. Gary DuBois
    Gary DuBois Lunami
    Happy Birthday Beautiful Lunami :)
  10. Gary DuBois
    Gary DuBois Junebug
    Happy Birthday Junebug :)
  11. Gary DuBois
    Gary DuBois Aleree
    Happy Birthday Aleree :)
  12. tree
    tree arclite
    What sort of device do you use to access AC? You mentioned "no edit." There is definitely an Edit function on each post a member makes.
  13. yarnmama
    yarnmama Brent
    Hi, just been checking my profile info and noticed my birthdate is wrong. Somehow it's got me as January, it's actually August. Is it possible to change this?
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    2. Nitro
      I fixed this item.
      Mar 22, 2017 at 9:16 AM
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  14. MicroTransationsMatterToo
  15. Nitro
    Nitro Streetwise
    Happy Birthday!
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  16. Lady Penelope
    Lady Penelope
    New tribe member ... looking for answers
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  17. 8398
    8398 kay
    What you wrote on a recent forum helped me feel relieved, about the pressures of becoming independent by a certain age. I've learned a lot but I still feel like haven't grown since 13 years old in ways. I even look like I could be 13.
    1. kay
      Glad what I said helped, I really wish someone had told me all that when I was 18. It's weird though about mental age, I was older at 13 in some ways than other 13 year olds but at 44 I too am still 13 in some ways. But at least I do look older now. I looked 13 when I was 18, and 20 as well. I got asked what grade I was in for a very long time.
      Mar 19, 2017
  18. Propianotuner
    Memento, tuum esse hodie: Deum glorificare, Iesum imitari.
  19. Myrtonos
    Myrtonos Mathalamus
    Hello Matthew and a late welcome to Aspies' Central! Thank you for all your posts! I hope you like this place.
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  20. Snow Guardian
    Snow Guardian
    I opened up to my best friend. First step done, now I Need to talk to my parents. Thanks for all the help I got here :)
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