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New Blog Entry Comments

  1. Peatsmoke
    Wow - back to med school AND quitting smoking! You obviously don't believe in doing things by halves... Congratulations - I wish you luck. BTW, do you think maybe the intensive studying/working etc. could replace the smoking? I'm thinking of...
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  2. Ambi
    I am curious if you have decided to disclose your dx, and whether that would get you accomodations or if that would not be possible for med school. Or if you feel that would just create bias against you and you'd rather keep it private?
  3. Ambi
    Yay! I'm happy and hopeful for you :)
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  4. Ambi
    I found my first silver hair at 28 - it took five minutes of staring at it to be sure, lol!
  5. Ambi
    Wow, I am really hoping things go well for you!! I just dropped out of a grad school program because the stress was just too much :( I couldn't cope - and though this time I really burned out and had to leave, my previous times at school I'm...
  6. Delbert
    your young, a whole lot of time ahead of you. i remember 1997 like it was just a few years ago.
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  7. Adam Kep
    That was a great way to fall asleep last night, thanks for the post!
  8. Adam Kep
  9. Adam Kep
    I never went to college due to the same things you described the first go around. Its really good you worked up the courage to give it another try. Hopefully you can retain enough energy and get through next week! Good luck !
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  10. Vinca
    I really like your blog post! It's somewhat reminiscent of the voice over in the film Amélie.
  11. Mia
    Found when I was in school, that I had a difficult time focusing on specific tasks and assignments. Would go off on tangents and discover things that interested me, all the while, becoming less interested in what I specifically had to do. Really...
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  12. xudo
    My hair started going white at 25. Could be worse...my sister's started at 11 :eek: